Finding the ~/Library File in Lion

At work I just received a new Macbook Air! Oooh sexy times. But being that I’ve been at my current company for about 7 years I wanted to clean out a lot of the cruft I’ve gathered throughout the years. That and the MBA only has 250 GB of HD space, and I was clearly over that on my MBP at about 300/500 GB full.

So after I deleted all the files I had on my desktop, I realized I still would need to free up a lot more space to be able to even transfer files over. Then I knew I wanted to delete some Applications as well as their left over Application Support files since those never delete when you delete an app.

Going to my finder window for my user, I noticed… what? Where the hell is my ~/Library folder?

In Lion, they have hidden away the ~/Library folder so that normal users don’t jack up their settings. Quick google results show that all I needed to do was change the flags on the Library file to be not hidden.

Here’s some quick instructions on how to do the same:

1. Using Spotlight find Terminal and open that app:Screen-Shot-2012-06-02-at-3.05

2. In the command line type:

chflags nohidden ~/LibraryScreen-Shot-2012-06-02-at-3.013. Profit. There’s your ~/Library file again!


For me this was hugely useful for deleting excess content. I never delete any of my emails, so my Mail Downloads folder was a couple GB worth.

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