MeI work in tech as a program manager. Aside from that, I enjoy posting here to obsess about my latest interests whether it be cooking, cleaning, or raving about tv shows. I am on Yelp, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Wiki is my homeboy. I also am seriously addicted to taking selfies in Snapchat, but don’t post them on the platform. I am desperately promoting these sites and apps amongst my friends purely for sport, although it would be great if you could measure affiliate traffic through my word of mouth personal viral campaign and reward me for it.

Networking in all shapes and forms fascinates me, whether it be social, neural, computational or any other context. I am obsessed with all mediums in which it can be done.

Shopping is a full-time hobby, passion and love that you can learn via all my idiosyncrasies captured on a featurette I call Shop-stinance.

I’m an undercover geekette and former tomboy. Love for all things Batman, Star Trek: TNG, Buffy, etc. and watch more tv than anyone probably should. I love hiking, biking, playing sports, being active, and I spend a lot of time outdoors. Also, they say I like pretty things, especially if one can buy them, wear them, eat them, see them, and listen to them or if they are cheap.

Contact me at: Jessica [at] thevalue.in

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