Agents of Shield – Event Horizon

Simmons: Got a long history of unfinished conversations so, thought it was about time that we
Jemma: Finish one.
Simmons: So um. I’ve been thinking about it. About us. And um, it clicked. The crux of our relationship is like the singularity in trans-humanism.
Jemma: It is?
Simmons: Yeah, think about it. Singularity is the defining moment.
Jemma: The point of which a measurable variable becomes infinite.
Simmons: Right so our friendship is linear. Simple. Comfortable.
Jemma: Effortless really.
Simmons: As soon as we deviate from that path.
Jemma: Change becomes exponential.
Simmons: The point of no return.
Jemma: Just to be clear, um. Are you comparing us sleeping together to crossing the event horizon.
Simmons: Yeah.
Jemma: It’s quite lovely when you think about it like that. And also terrifying.
Simmons: Yeah exactly. So. We should stop thinking all together.
Jemma: And just do. Yeah of course.

-Agents of Shield, Season 3, Ep 18 ~ Singularity

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