Buy All The Things: Spice Jars

Picture of various spice jars laid flat on a chopping board.

Before when I couldn’t sleep at night, I’d research and book the next destination that needed exploring, swapping dreams for dreams.

Now, I re-jar and re-label my spice jars so it all looks uniform. These are the joys in the new normal.

I love having the larger spice jars, so found this awesome kit on Amazon.

I like that the kit comes with a silicon funnel too, it made for transferring the spices much easier.

Funnel for transferring spices into their new jars.

I needed some awesome labels to go along with the perfect jars, in a previous post for labeling Weck Cylindrical Jars I had used chalk markers, but after using them for a couple years, the chalk smudges off and then when you need to wash the jar, chalk comes off instantly. I now wanted something a little more long lasting.

These Modern Spice Labels were exactly what I was dreaming of. You can get a couple different variants of the standard set of spices, or write up your own custom labeling. I’ve done both before since I have some more unusual spices around as well.

Photo of spices and modern labels.

To get everything lined up evenly, I laid the spice jars down all next to each other and used some masking tape to line up the top line across the jars, then after many foiled attempts of making that even, I would place down the spice labels to bottom line of where I put the masking tape.

What You’ll Need Summary

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