Buy All The Things: We’re Getting Old

We’re getting old. To some extent I’ve always felt a bit old preferring to nest over exploring the world. Only in the past several years has that really switched around. Nevertheless when I’m in my nesting ‘old person’ mode that favors blanket burritos and binge watching tv, over noisy bars and concerts these are the things I’ve been coveting.

Compression socks

What did I do before compression socks? Oh yeah, I was young. In my youth I could instantly spring back into action. But now that we’re older I noticeability can feel the benefit of wearing compression socks for long runs or on airplanes. They reduce swelling and minimize post exercising cramps. For the most part compressions socks have been hideously complex and technical looking until discovering Comrad compression socks on Instagram.

They work well and come in lovely minimalist patterns. When you receive your socks they are beautifully packaged and come with a lovely cloth bag.

Organic Personal Supplies

A while ago Laurie told me that she switched to only using organic personal supplies ie. toothbrush, shampoo, etc. I hadn’t bought into it until one day I was looking at my vanity, and while everything else in the vanity tray was neat and monochromatic, my Colgate toothpaste ruined this aesthetic with it’s bright colors and jarring font and design choices. I chose to spend some time on Pinterest looking up beautiful vanities to find Aesop. An Australian brand started in Melbourne, they focus mostly on organic plant based formulas and high quality ingredients. Not only that, but the design of their product containers are beautiful and lend a spa feeling that you can bring into your home.

Several weeks ago Laurie and I were again chatting about making vanities beautiful to find we were both talking about Aesop products. Oh how we are aligned in our personal care preferences.

Sparking Water

Never will I ever be pretentious and drink sparkling water. I remember having this thought so clearly in 2012 as I was talking to someone at work who was being a bit pretentious while sipping on Talking Rain. I swore to myself that day I’d be a full calorie-d soda person for life. Oh how the tables have turned. Now I can’t even handle having a soda’s amount of caffeine without feeling jittery. Now the beverage of choice? La Croix Tangerine or Cran-Raspberry.

I guess part of aging is becoming pretentious and unapologetically so. P.S. for pure non-flavored sparking I prefer S.Pellegrino.

Stretching & Rolling

In my youth I was an amateur tennis player, who participated in the USTA Juniors Northern Californian competitions. Never formally ranked, but the summer before I could drive, this was my livelihood. I always scoffed at others having to stretch before a match as I never really had to do this and my muscles could just inherit the warmth from the sun to feel good.

*Sigh* Now that I’m older, I moved a laundry basket out of my way without squatting properly the other day and completely threw out my back for two weeks. Advil, icing and rolling helped. So the below tools of the trade helped me recover from recent injuries.

The foam roller is just my bff. The Bosu balance ball helped for when I rolled my ankle and needed to work on rebuilding strength. Finally the Lacrosse like massage balls are fantastic for the back injury being able to target certain areas. The other day when I was at DP’s house he handed me a ball to roll on as we caught up. I laughed. As older people we all love the same things don’t we?

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