Buy All The Things – Baby, It’s Cold-ish Outside

It’s was our first real day of  rain in normally sunny and drought ridden California. This usually means you need to add an additional 30 minutes to your commute time. But what it really makes me want to do is shop for winter warmth, which is the perfect timing for my Baby, It’s Cold-ish Outside Holiday Gift Guide. Need a gift for a girlfriend, yourself or family here are some of my favorite things for dealing with these “frosty” California winters.

Rain rain go away… but maybe with one of these lovelies you’ll be siiiiinging in the rain.

Next, I don’t know about you, but these are the kinds of outfits I want to wear when it starts to get cold. Snuggly sweaters, tights and warm comfy looking boots:

Finally when you get home it’s nice to snuggle up with on the couch with a warm cup of tea. The warmth of the fireplace warming your toes while listening to the insanely addictive podcast Serial over the surround sound while playing Tsum Tsum on your iPhone and leaning against an adorable pillow.

Hopefully these things will help you get through the brrrrrr. Enjoy!

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