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The first time Bobby came over to my house with Karen and Joshua and he pulled open a random cabinet in the “Ah ha! I’m going to catch you as an undercover slob” kind of way only to find that the cupboard was immaculate. I laughed and laughed about this as Karen chided him.

Yes, being OCD means even the cabinets and cupboards are organized by type, size, and color. My latest obsession is reorganizing the pantry to contain just the necessities. It’s really cathartic when you can restore order your surroundings.

Since getting a pasta maker, I haven’t bought any more pre-made pasta preferring to make everything fresh. This means I have a variety of different types of flour, which of course translates into needing items to store flour and grains.

As I do with all organizational needs, I did research online to figure out exactly what would work best in my kitchen to find the Weck Cylindrical Jar. What I love about the jars is that they have clean lines, are relatively inexpensive, and are air tight.

After I bought them I discovered they also have wooden lids! Dreamy dark acacia wooden lids. I ended up finding a set of the lids at one of my favorite shops The Shed in Healdsburg, but you can also buy them on Amazon here.

Moved all my flours, grains, and other dry items into the containers, and labeled the bottom of the containers with expiration dates and item types by using White Out Correctional Tape.

Then I asked Patricia who is a free lance calligraphy artist on the side (@bunnyscratch) if she would be so kind as to help label my jars with her impeccable penmanship. Shortly after I made the request I completely forgot I asked her about it.

Flash to 3 weeks later, Patricia is always the person that helps to destress me when I’m feeling anxious. Every time it’s happened recently, she has volunteered to drop by with something delicious and chat. This time, in addition to good company, she brought chalk markers to label the Weck Jars! I love the people who help me finish the projects I’ve had in my mind forever to complete. It’s one of the best feelings having one less thing to keep track of to do and staved off the task demons. Thank you PY.

Later on when I posted the finished photo to Instagram, Joshua and Patricia had this dialog:

Joshua: What is that font called??
Patricia: It’s called “PY is not sober but is dangerous with markers” lol
Joshua: It looks like the script that girls use to post inspirational quotes!!
Love it.
Patricia: LOL inebriation must be the key to truly inspiring inspirational quotes…

Coming soon – Inspirational Quotes Font by @bunnyscratch Studio.

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