Caturday Sundays

I know, it defeats the purpose of calling it Caturday by taking place on a Sunday, nevertheless, nothing I could think of would connote the fun and uniqueness of attending Clayton the cat’s fourth annual birthday party.

Today I commuted a little over an hour to SF to attend a cat’s birthday party. Yes, that’s Clayton below, a spitting image of Garfield the Cat getting ready to watch Hulu Plus streaming on the Apple TV.

Clayton the Birthday Boy

Clayton the Birthday Boy

Having never attending a cat’s birthday party, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but oh the wonders that would be had… in my belly. 3 words took me to a heavenly place, homemade fried chicken. Other delectables that were served: Garfield themed lasagna cups, lollipops, cookies and cake. This birthday has surpassed some birthdays that I’ve attended for humans.

Ended up making some fast friends over foodie tendencies and spent hours talking about planning trips to NYC. A fantastic birthday celebration for Clayton, he’s a great host, and his owner Carmen isn’t too shabby either ;).

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