Day 2: Kauai Part II – Pet Thieves and Rice Pots

Still bummed about my water logged Nikon D80, I must have looked down at my camera pathetically 15 times on the ride home. Laurie noticed and sympathetically asked if I wanted to go to the market to get some rice to soak it in. At first I was really exhausted from the hike, but then I looked up at her hopefully and asked “Are you sure it’s ok?” She smiled reassuringly and said something to the effect of “Of course!” Yes, she is the best.

We headed over to the Princeville Foodland grocery store near our place. Immediately when passing the baked goods we spot on the table fresh Butter Mochi. We cheer in unison, “Let’s get this!” laughing at how we’re always aligned when it comes to what we want to put in our bellies. We grab some rice and beverages and head back to the house.

Sustenance, delicious, delicious sustenance.

Sustenance, delicious, delicious sustenance.

Back at our vacation rental, we dump our shoes outside to dry. I leave mine in a plastic bag since they are covered in mud and head in.

Laurie, mid-shoe removal process holds the door open to the room when into the room scampers the owners orange striped cat Tiger. It darts immediately under the king sized bed and flops down squarely in the center. We try briefly to coax it out, but our arms are not long enough to reach Tiger and we’re beat from the hike.

Giving up on Tiger, we focus on getting my camera soaked in rice to absorb the moisture. Laurie grabs a pot and some saran wrap from the outside kitchen area and I place my camera into the pot and pour rice all over it. I had tried turning it on and off to no avail, but later would read on the web that you should absolutely NOT try to do this when your camera gets drenched.

After my camera is well buried within a pot of rice I head off to shower first, while Laurie heads outside to make a call. Into the tub head all my mud stained clothes, for the most part I try to rinse off most of it, but I’m still too tired. Hop into the shower and take a quick and semi warm bath before coming out and flopping on the bed.

Laurie follows suit, and when she comes out realizes that I’m watching The Kardashians. Hey now, I don’t have the luxury of cable tv at home, so this is kind of bad reality tv is awesome. On the show they are holding a garage sale, and I realize that Kourtney is a hoarder of metadata after my own heart. Is it me, or does this show make the Kardashians feel more accessible?

Demolished the butter mochi and then the three of us, Tiger included, take an afternoon nap. For a brief second before drifting off to Neverland, I pray that Tiger doesn’t decide that our suitcases sitting on the floor look like large litter boxes. The sandman takes me away from these thoughts into a dreamless rest. 8 miles up 400 ft is considerably more hiking than I have done in years.

Scratching sounds… something… is being moved across the deck. I awake with a start and realize immediately that the scuffing noise can only be my shoes in the bag, being stolen from the porch. I spring into action and shoot out the front door. (To be perfectly honest, this probably wasn’t the safest move considering I didn’t know what types of wild animals existed outside, nevertheless I did it.)

Once on the porch I spot midsize mixed dog dragging away my coveted water shoes in the bag I placed it in. I try coaxing the dog back, but instead of running it stares at me with a puzzled face, trying to decide if I’m friend or foe. It drops the shoes, and bounds back down the stairs as I approach.

When I reach the edge of the stairs and retrieve my shoes to put them back on top of a table where the dog can’t reach them, I noticed a larger dog sitting regally at the base of the stairs. In my head I name these two dogs “Thief” and “Lookout”. Lookout gives me a brief knowing glance that says “You foiled us this time Jessica.” before turning his head away and bounding off with Thief riding his coattails. I head back into the room and Laurie asks me how I knew it was my shoes they were after, I reply that it was the only thing on the porch that could have made that sound.

Thief and Lookout were a good wake up call, as it was time to head out to dinner. Realizing we should let Tiger out before we leave, we try coaxing him out again. Then I remember that we have left over pork in the fridge! Laurie grabs some less gravy covered pieces and manages to lure him out of the room. Huzzah! The Green Pig to the rescue. We quickly change and were off to dine at Bar Acuda.

The restaurant has a large parking lot behind it, and we easily find parking. We enter and the building is beautiful. It’s entirely more upscale than any other place we’ve been to on Kauai. Our table is ready within minutes, as Laurie had made a reservation. For dinner we had:

  • House cured chorizo sausage with grilled apples
  • Seared sea scallop with mashed potatoes and truffle reduction
  • Bacalao Portuguese salt cod with garlic, cream, potato and crostini
  • Pizzetta with goat cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil.
  • Freshmade Sangria
Carbs heal hiking hurts ^_^

Carbs heal hiking hurts ^_^

All in all a great way to end a day after a long day of hiking.

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