DIY: No Sew Ladies Muscle Tank

Sorry guys, it’s been a while since I posted. Recently I’ve been doing my fair share of traveling which keeps my mind so preoccupied in the quest for seeing beautiful things, keeping me away from creating things.

This is where sous vide startup extraordinaire Nomiku never fails to send inspiration my way. This past Friday they hosted a Factory Warming in their new HQ space detailed here. Drinks, sous vide dips and bites were abundant as well as a plethora of interesting young and talented folks to talk to.

nomiku factory warming party

As with all tech company parties there is a t-shirt parting gift. Was instantly mesmerized with Nomiku’s shirt and it’s sexy playful messaging, perfect use of sans serif font, combined with elegant kerning. However by the time I make my way to the shirts, all that are left at the end of the party are sized XL. Is any tech geek in the valley now actually an XL anymore? I mean with our organic, farmers market, sous vid-ing, paleo new age diets, supplemented by marathon running, zoomba, hot yoga, cycling, and scuba diving aren’t XLs as mythical as the unicorn?

I digress. Grabbed the shirt, since I am “the value” after all, with the determination to represent my Nomiku love outside in the world, instead of exiling it into a pile of tech conference shirts, that become night shirts and then donated shortly after.

Fellow geekette and friend TheStylishGeek had done a similar tshirt DIY on her blog here , and I used it as a basis for creating the muscle tank.

Here’s what you need

  • XL conference tshirt – Cost: Free99
  • Scissors – Personally I prefer Fiskars Easy Action Bent Scissors for it’s sharpness and ease of use for cutting fabric, although you can use any pair of sharp scissors.
  • Large flat surface
  • A similar muscle tank that you like the cut of – I used my favorite Victoria Secret dark blue tie dye shirt.
  • Optional: Mannequin


  1. Lay shirt on the flat surface
  2. no sew diy muscle tank

  3. Overlay the favorite shirt on top of the XL shirt
  4. no sew diy muscle tank

  5. Make slight slits in the neckline for where the cuts will be for the neckline. The front of the shirt should have a lower neckline than the back to be more flattering.
  6. Trace the armholes, making sure to give about an inch of space between your sample shirt and the one you’re cutting, in case you mess up you have some leeway.
  7. no sew diy muscle tank

  8. Like Ems did on her DIY shirt post, I roughly sketched out a U shape on the bottom hem of the tshirt because I felt like it would make the look more flattering. Also when you cut make sure to save the bottom hem to be used later.
  9. Super light sketching of the U shape.

    Super light sketching of the U shape.

  10. For a mens muscle tshirt, you can skip this step. For ladies use the left over bottom hem to tie the back of the shirt through each armhole. I just used a basic bow knot, although I’m sure you could get fancier with it.
  11. no sew diy muscle tank

And there you have it, XL baggy shirt made into a cute muscle tank. Pair this with a cute lacy bra and cut off jean shorts for Coachella or even a sports bra and leggings for an athletic gym-rat look.

Tender & Juicy & Moist. #Nomiku

Tender &
Juicy &

No longer just for the XLs.

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