Filoli Gardens – Woodside, CA

Words don’t do this place justice. Cindy C. and I had been planning to go to Filoli Gardens for maybe a year now. Last Sunday we spontaneously accomplished this goal. We arrived late whereby we only had an hour left before closing, nevertheless, it was worth it. The gardens are so remarkably beautiful, lush and well kept. I adore going to beautiful places to take photos, and I had no idea such beauty existed in the bay area.

To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t don’t much research on Filoli before we went. I had previously found photos on Yelp and thought the gardens were beautiful. Then on the website, I only saw the flowers.

Upon arriving there was a lavish estate that I happily skipped about taking pictures of anything and everything. In the back was a cool blue pool, with water crisp and clear.

Our last stop on our visit was to the mansion. By this time I was already dehydrated because outside it was ~100 degrees and we were running around trying to get everything before they closed.

The mansion itself was regal. It’s been the location of several feature films including the Joy Luck Club and The Game. My only regret was having not gotten to see all the rooms. The artwork was fitting and the furniture design intricately crafted. This is the type of place you only hope to get the opportunity to live in someday.

I’m lusting for another visit and I just was there on Sunday.

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