Food That’s Fast: Century Egg Tofu (皮蛋豆腐)

Cindy: Hey should we get this tofu dish with century egg?
Me: Hrm? I’ve never tried it.
Cindy: WHAT?!?! I grew up on this stuff and made it throughout college. It’s super easy to make. Ok we’re definitely getting it then.

Can I just say I love it when people introduce me to their favorite restaurants and share foods that they love? Because I do, so much. The metadata I now tie with this dish will forever be the incredulous look on CC’s face of surprise that I’ve never tried this Taiwanese staple, along with the story of she grew up living off this dish. For me, moments like this are priceless. That and later that day she spooned me in a furniture store to help me decide whether or not to buy a new couch, but um… that’s another story for another time 😉

ANYHOO. This weekend I decided to make it and relive our fun girls day. The dish is all about the sauce, but I knew I didn’t have it and I forgot what it was. Calling CC she told me it was soy paste. Hrm? There’s a paste? Apparently this is also a Taiwanese staple that I was unaware of. You can get soy paste at any asian food store. It is basically a thick soy sauce as it’s name would imply. Here’s the recipe I think each serving can be made to serve 2 as a side dish to other main items:



  • Slice tofu block in half and plate, save the rest for another dinner or you can double this recipe
  • Century Egg Tofu

  • Slice century eggs in half, and plate around the tofu
  • Toss pork floss liberally around plate
  • Century Egg Tofu

  • Top with green onions and soy pace

There you have it. Super simple meal that looks and tastes delicious.

Century Egg Tofu

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