Food That’s Fast: Ginger and Soy Snapper

Asian Snapper Recipe photo

Sometimes you see something and you just know, you want it, and it should go home with you. Oh snapper fillets from Costco, as soon as I saw you in the fridge section in your sexy blue tray, I knew you and I were meant to be.

When you get that feeling that some maybe call butterflies, you just push past the fear of failure and ignore everything that would have normally kept you from acting:

  • I had never cooked snapper before
  • when I looked up snapper sous vide, it told me that the texture of the fish isn’t meant to be made sous vide because the fish just turns into mush when you make it that way.
  • I had no recipe in mind.
  • Also I’d be committed to a long term relationship that is buying in bulk.

Thinking of my favorite way to serve steamed white fish asian style, I came up with the following.


  • 2 rockfish filets
  • 1 knuckle of ginger sliced thinly as well as width wide slices to cover the based of the dish
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon of rock sugar, crushed to dust
  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon of Chinese cooking wine (I was out so I had to use cooking sake)
  • 1 handful of cilantro


Problem after problem I encountered (steamer wok wouldn’t fit most of my dishes, out of Chinese cooking wine, no garlic hanging around) until finally it was all done and honestly? You were delicious, and worth all the trouble. Could have used a little more salt or regular salty soy sauce instead of light, but all in all not bad.

This could probably serve two people, but I ate it all in one go.

  1. Place ginger in the dish you’ll be steaming the fish in.
  2. Then add the two snapper/rockfish filets.
  3. Top with more ginger.
  4. Steam for 2 minutes before adding the cilantro on top.
  5. While the fish is steaming for 2-3 more minutes, in a sauce plan mix soy sauce, rock sugar, vegetable oil and Chinese cooking wine and bring to a light boil to melt the sugar before shutting off quickly. You don’t want the sugar to caramelize.
  6. Test fish to see if it’s flakey, then remove from steamer.
  7. Pour sauce on top of the fish.

Super simple and fast. Serve with rice if you like, or I usually just make some veggies on the side and have that as my meal. Also I had to add more salt in the end to taste since I had subbed in low sodium soy.

Asian Snapper Recipe photo

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