How to get away with Murder – You Lie, I Lie

Laurel: So you’re telling me you don’t lie to me all the time?
Frank: Of course not.
Laurel: Another lie.
Frank: Ok, what’s going on with you?
Laurel: Nothing, just tell me I’m wrong. That you don’t lie to me on a daily basis about all the crap you do for Annalise. See? You can’t. I can’t do it any more either.
Frank: What does that mean?
Laurel: Ugh. Wes shot Annalise not me. She told him Rebecca was dead, so he shot her in the stomach because he wanted her dead and I don’t blame him, but somehow she does even though this was all her idea, she blames him.
Frank: Why didn’t you tell me?
Laurel: I don’t know.
Frank: That’s not an answer.
Laurel: I’m sorry but, you don’t tell me things either.
Frank: Why do you keep saying that?
Laurel: ‘What if it’s mostly bad things?’ That is what you said to me and then you shut down. Meanwhile all I’ve done since then is think about it. The terrible things you’ve done. I know you drugged Catherine and dumped her in the woods so, are they worse than that? See? You won’t tell me. Maybe I shouldn’t know, but I just can’t keep doing this you know? Falling for you, because I am. Not if I’m never going to actually get to know you. So? It’s better we stop? With everything that’s going on, it’s just gotten too complicated? Right. I’ll go.

How to Get Away With Murder, Season 2, Ep 11 ~ She Hates Us

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