Jessica Jones – I Don’t Flirt

Jessica: I stand in dark alleys and wait to take pictures of people boning.
Luke: ‘cept you’ve been watching me like a hawk since you walked in.
Jessica: Force of habit.
Luke: Or, it’s your way of flirting.
Jessica: I don’t flirt. But you do. Not for sport, it’s got purpose. Like getting customers to drink more, tip more.
Luke: So what else you got Sherlock?
Jessica: Alright, a drunk spills on your shirt, pukes on your shoe and you roll with it. But break or scratch something and he’s toast. I’ve never seen a dive bar this clean. Because you care about it, more than anything, maybe anyone. There’s history here. Memories. Something personal, but private so no photos of memorabilia. But you also like women, temporarily at least. And they like you.
Luke: See that sounded like flirting to me.
: Again, I don’t flirt I just say what I want.

Jessica Jones, Season 1, Ep 1 ~ AKA Ladies Night

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