Love, Rosie

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There was something about the way they looked, laughed and danced barefoot together in the video that was so lovely that it sent me into an OCD-I-need-to-know-more tizzy. Net-A-Porter (oh one of my favorite shopping sites) featured Lily Collins and Sam Clafin in their online magazine The Edit to promote their new movie Love, Rosie.

Love, Rosie is based off a book by Cecelia Ahern’s novel Where Rainbows End composed entirely by a collection of written conversations in chronological order whether it be chat, holiday cards, emails, or heartfelt snail mail. Instead of running out to a theater in London where this just released last night, or tragically waiting till some unknown 2015 date when it’s released in the US,  I started the novel at 10:30pm and read till this morning at 5:30am, when I just had to put the book down even though I was 20 pages from completion. It was a lot like that time I was unemployed and FX had a special 24 hours of 24 marathon which I just needed to power through so that I would know what happened. I digress.

The story follows two best friends Alex and Rosie who grow up together and are ready to head off to college together when a series of events occur, changing their plans and tests the strength of their friendship and love. I really loved the style in which it was written as a series of bursts where the main moments and interactions are told through a third person view of private conversations or thoughts in their head, and the “live” moments exist outside of capture in the reader’s imagination. Ultimately near the end, the amount of missed opportunities does get frustrating, but nevertheless it was an enjoyable binge read.

Akin to my own life, I laughed as I read some of their chat banter, as I am known for infecting my group of friends with purposefully poorly spelled chat messages just like Alex.


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