Skillshare: Part II – Team & Home Werk

It takes a village to make an online sous vide cooking class for Skillshare. Or maybe really just 3 awesome people, I just met through the interwebs and some homework.

Now that I decided that I would teach a class, I needed to do some homework on what it takes to be a teacher on SkillShare. They have a great Teacher’s Handbook that helps give you the basics. Then through some connections I was able to meet up with a super creative cast of characters:

  • Cara my vegetarian creative director
  • Jeremy my awesome and geeky freelance videographer
  • Allan my speedy video editor

Once my team was assembled, we were on our way to be Captain Planet of the Sous Vide universe on Skillshare!

Coming up with the lesson plan was easy, as I’m always championing sous vide with numerous friends and have a host of blog post that align with what I wanted to teach.

Inception. We need to go deeper.

Inception. We need to go deeper.

The one bonus of having a vegetarian creative director was that she wasn’t sure if sous vide was only for carnivores. After I assured her it was not, she encouraged me to sell the diversity of this cooking technique. Genius! This comment inspired the Maple Pecan Sweet Potato Mash recipe that I would create over holiday break.

En fin

En fin

Once I had my recipes and outlines of my classes assembled it was time to do more homework about teaching on Skillshare in general. I ended up watching a ton of lessons with my free 1 month promo code. Through watching others, I gleaned how to set up my class, what things worked, what things didn’t work so well and vetting my script with Cara, she gave a thumbs up and I was ready to film. Figured out location and start time with Jeremy and we were set to film for a full day Saturday.

The Friday before filming, I sat in Girl Friday’s office after ordering all my supplies via Instacart to be delivered by 7pm. Then I proceeded on to my normal venting to the bestie that the idea of filming was making me nervous. James pops in and joins our conversation, whereby they both agree that at the end of every video I should sample whatever it is I’m cooking and do a “Mmmm…” this food is life changing face. Filed this tip away in the memory banks, even though I felt like it might be dorky to do IRL.

Rushed home to prep two versions of every recipe, one finished product and one of just the ingredients for filming. Since sous vide recipes often take anywhere from 20 mins to 2+ hours, I wanted to make sure our filming schedule was not 20 hours long. Also decided to use the adorbs owl measuring cups that Jen got me and the Japanese sauce dishes that Chris got me another year to give my prepped items some personal flavor in the video.

By the time I finished prepping 2 versions of all 3 recipes and cooking 1 version of them it was already 1am. *sigh* Eyebags in an online video immortalized here I come.

Next up… filming.

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