Moments: Crisis

🎵 Cause oh I think, that I found myself a cheerleader…

Joshua: so i’ve made a midlife decision. im gonna get a new job
Joshua: so im gonna start learning how to code/program
Me: i’m so proud of you
Joshua: and be like.. what’s the word
Joshua: ambitious
Joshua: lol
Me: you do not know how long i have waited for you to say this. SERIOUSLY
Joshua: I KNOW
Me: you’re so good at everything you do
Joshua: im like
Me: seriously. YOU ARE SO GOOD
Joshua: thank you
Me: i give you anything
Joshua: that means a lot to hear that
Me: and you master it
Joshua: esp coming from u
Me: oh come on. me?
Joshua: ur like my most successful friend and now you are A TV STAR, god jessica
Me: omg not even, you’re so good. why do you think i’m always trying to push you. anything i teach you, you master it like 100000%
Me: i just did the video thing for the experience, it was so fun learning something new. and posting it was embarrassing. cause i’m not that person.
Joshua: ok honestly, i loved watching it.
Joshua: u did seem… not natural, but like… camera ready?
Me: it was so awkward to make
Me: i think i had the flip side ephiphany on my 35th, i’ve wasted my time not living and now i want to live.
Joshua: i’ve def noticed that trend and i totally admire it and u know, that’s part of what pushed me to do this. a significant part.
Me: thank you for sharing this with me. it means so much.


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