Moments: I’ll Fly With You

The conversation started with “How was your holiday break?”

I spun the repeated story of how I satisfied a 3 year dream of mine to finally dine at Grant Achatz’s 3 Michelin Star Alinea. The first 3 Star restaurant I’ve ever tried. Told the harrowing journey of how I tried to time a visit and get same weekend tickets, or how I tried endlessly to coordinate with friends to make it happen, but each time the reservations slipped out of my hands during coordinated efforts until finally December all the stars aligned and achievement unlocked. Alinea you are mine.

We end our conversation and part ways. Then I get a text, and our conversation is the following:

Him: Hey, I was thinking. Next time you want to fly somewhere to eat at some fancy restaurant. I’d be interested in going. I think you’ll find my schedule to be much more flexible than most people 😛
Me: Haha ok! Deal.
Him: I’d feel better if you were there because I would at least have some decent photos to show for it, even if the food sucked 😀
Me: Photo reuse, 29 bucks an image. J/K
Him: lol

I’ve repeated the Alinea story so many times and this was the sweetest response I received. He was really listening.

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