Moments: Madame VP Pearls

Tonight I’m in the midst of watching S5E8 of The Expanse (because I feel lost during the week without hearing someone say Proto-molecule) when… I get a text from Hel with a question and a link. Our conversation goes as following:

Hel: Pearls tomorrow?
Me: I need to find something that is pearl. Do you have a string of pearls? I totally don’t.
Hel: Just fake ones haha. And one small string my mom got me from China, they’re cultured so not perfectly round or anything.
Me: (Rummaging through my jewelry boxes) I do have this gold pineapple my mom got me, whenever that becomes culturally significant 😀 Lolol.

Hel: Nice, haha! We just need another Hawaiian president.
Me: I missed my opportunity clearly.

Eventually I found a single pearl necklace to wear tomorrow for this historic moment. The first woman VP, finally something to be excited about during the pandemic.

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