Moments: Nothing is Gonna Ever Keep You Down

Because I do really see you. And I have more time than most.

Me: Having It All Kinda Sucks

Her: The only person I love more than the author is you for sending this – I was and have been thinking about this a lot – the feeling like I’m not 100% there for anyone or anything can be so defeating and is one of the most difficult adjustments (while at the same time, I struggle with telling myself not to be so dramatic about it as if I’m the only person in the history of time that’s had to work and be a mother.) Articles like this make me realize I’m not alone and everyone is doing the best they can against expectations from every direction including from oneself. As sad as I can get, I was also thinking about how grateful I am to have been able to spend Saturday with you. You are simply the best.

No, you’re the best and you’re doing your best.

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