Moments: Why are you such a jock?

tennis court

My favorite people are the those who ask questions about how things work, whether it’s about tech or people or any random topic, and also can articulate their world view plainly. I love curious and thoughtful people.

Catch up lunch with LK the other week and per usual we’re going deep on work life balance and strategy, when she abruptly stops a current train of thought and asks me something to the effect of:

LK: Why are you such a jock? You think in a way that is similar to the way I do, competitive, strategic.
ME: Because I was a jock? I also played competitive individual sports growing up. Tennis remember?
LK: Oh ha, yes. My husband doesn’t think tennis is a real sport so I forgot about that.

These are the kinds of conversations that linger in my head. I had never before associated the term “jock” with strategy in such a positive way before.

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