Moments: You can be anyone on the internets

Me: Jadeypoo, what lens did you use for wide shots on your a7?
Jade: I had rented a 10-18mm on my Zion trip. That was a nice wide angle lens.
Me: Oooh I might try the same then. I’m going to Machu Picchu next Friday. I need to bring a lighter cam.
Jade: Daaaaamn! I’m so jealous. Borrowlenses is my camera BFF. Omg take allllll the photos. Are you gonna do a hike or take the train?
Me: Hike up train down. Oh yeah I did borrowlenses once! Good reminder
Jade: Rock on, lady. 😀 you never fail to impress.
Me: I pay REI to do all the hard stuff for me. Lol. Like carry my bags. Make dinner and pitch tent. I am really only hiking. You are much more badass.
Jade: That’s how most people do Machu Picchu. Still think you’re a badass. Your humbleness will not sway me.
Me: <3 I am so not badass I just play one on the internets 😉 You can be anyone on the internets.

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