Nomiku Files: Simple Salmon

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted any Nomiku sous vide recipes, so here’s one that I make almost every week. It’s nice to have a delicious sous vide salmon steak dinner that only takes 20 minutes (once prepacked) to make after work.


  1. Buy giant slabs of salmon steak from Costco
  2. Slice giant salmon filets into more manageable pieces
  3. Pat fish dry to remove fishy juices
  4. Bag or vacuum seal all salmon steaks
  5. Throw everything you’re not eating into the freezer
  6. Pull out a packet when you’re ready to eat it


  1. Preset Nomiku to 54 Celcius
  2. Wait for water to warm to temp
  3. When water hits the temp drop fish packet into water
  4. Sous vide at temp for 20 mins
  5. Remove fish from bag to serve

Serving Suggestion

Place sous vide fish on a bed of spinach or grill the skin on the pan really quick and then cover with delicious furikake.

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