oculus – new york, ny

Them: What are you going to do in New York?
Me: I’ve been dying to visit the Oculus.
Their eyes light up they think it’s related to Oculus VR when I jump back in…
Me: No no not Oculus VR, but the transportation hub and mall.
Them: Oh.

Still jetlagged from my flight in the day before, I debated while sitting in bed whether or not to nap some more or go and see it… I had to check out of this hotel and back into another one in about 2 hours and by the weather gods if it just snowed last night. *groan* This bed is so warm… but oh NYC, you have a way of making me unlazy.

Scramble to get ready and from the hotel in Chelsea grab the 16th street station downtown. I arrive at the hub and yes. Architecture candy. I love it. Seeing beautiful things in person is chicken soup for the soul.

Since it’s opening in March 2016 this beauty, by architect Santiago Calatrava, I had seen friends post photos of this gorgeous building lusting to go. Everyone always took the same shot, a portrait view from one of the stair decks. When I arrived, I took the classic interior shot and also tried to get other unique perspectives.

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