Moments: One and Only

Me: Hey, I have a free pass to the SFMoma on Sunday, want to go?
H: Oh I can’t. I’m in the South Bay visiting my folks for the week. How about lunch or dinner during the week?
Me: If you have time, can we do both? I need to double down on my H time.
H: Aren’t you going to be sick of me?
Me: Never. You’re my bestie.
H: But you have a ton of besties! You call everyone your bestie.
Me: I have never called anyone else in my life my bestie. You’re my one and only.
H: Oh.
Me: Anyway, that term is relatively modern, so back in the days it was “best friend”. So the statement that you are my one and only bestie is therefore technically correct.
H: Oh god.

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