Pace Art + Technology – Menlo Park, CA

Mesmerizing photos using light and shadows started showing up in my social media feeds since mid February. Impulse takes hold, I must go here and be amazed and ok also to take some fun photos.

The Pace Gallery is a contemporary and modern art gallery founded by American Art Dealer Arne Glimcher in Boston, 1960. As described on their website, the installation in Menlo Park, is the gallery’s new program dedicated to collaboration with interdisciplinary art groups, collectives and studios whose works explore the confluence of art and technology. The program is an expansion of Pace’s longstanding commitment to artistic approaches that emphasize digital and technological methods.

tl;dr or more simply… Pace is interdisciplinary geektastic and their first exhibit by teamLab are all related to pretty lights. Tickets are relatively inexpensive at 20 dollars per person and available on EventBrite.

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