Pay It Forward – It Keeps Paying

This year I made a promise to myself that for every person who messaged me before or on the day of my birthday I would donate 5 dollars to a charity, and since my company does dollar for dollar matching this would mean 10 dollars donated for every well wisher which I wrote about here.

Today I get a notification on Facebook that I’ve been tagged in a post by a friend. It’s my my geekette internet sister Cindy! We have a lot in common, but can never meet up IRL. I live vicariously through her travel photos and social media posts. I’m thinking immediately that it might be some post about her Icelandic adventures, which have been on my mind to find…

She’s paid it forward and continued the spirit of giving. This makes me so happy. I did a huge stupid laugh and will have this ridiculous grin on for the rest of the day. Cindy, thank you for this gift today! #friendshipisthevalue


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