Pay it Forward – With A Twist

This year I made a promise to myself that for every person who messaged me before or on the day of my birthday I would donate 5 dollars to a charity, and since my company does dollar for dollar matching this would mean 10 dollars donated for every well wisher which I wrote about HERE.

Today I get a text message from Carol asking how I went about deciding how much to donate and what my process was. I explained that I timed out typing “Happy birthday” to 7.6 seconds and based off that decided to use the cumulative time to research a charity to donate $5 dollars to and then have work match that donation.

Carol ended up doing a slight twist on the formula, which I think is fantastic. She types faster than I do, and ended up with 6.3 seconds, thus deciding to donate 6.3 dollars for every person. Here’s her post below.

Thanks Carol! You made my day on your bday.

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