Those Resolutions Though

Late but not never.

Flash back almost a month… we spent NYE with our yearly tradition of huddling around a doily table cloth at a friend’s parent’s house playing games. This time we started with a game much like Apples to Apples but with artistic drawings that we had to describe yet not describe. The goal was to be vague enough to trick one person, but not everyone. I’d like to say I’m purposefully being obtuse in not telling you the name of the game, but the truth is, I forgot it. In the midst of trying to outwit my opponents, my mind wandered and I thought briefly about 2015 as we sipped on nothing but champers.

I hate resolutions. It’s all the things you put off forever and then only do the first couple weeks of January because you feel like you should. This means the gym is crowded for two weeks of the new year, then back to normal after that. Like similar resolute folks, I want to make some promises to myself that I will do things differently, be a better me and make time for the things that are important. So here are the things that are important to me for 2015 and beyond. My inner optimist hopes that I can keep these up indefinitely.

  1. Eat Healthier – The past two years has had me eating all kinds of crappy on a daily basis. I want to cut the crap and cook more. Trying to be good about keeping a journal via My Fitness Pal.Get Healthy for 2015
  2. Find the next IT – I want the next thing that captures my attention, to be here now. That amazing thing that I pour my heart and soul into, and that makes me excited about life. I’ve been looking for a while, but I just haven’t found that je ne sais pas.
  3. Spend More Time With Friends – Pretty self explanatory
  4. Learn how to swim – What? You can’t swim? Yes, in high school I had this almost drowning incident and I have avoided it, and I keep promising I’ll learn and never make time for it.
  5. Blog more – There’s something extremely cathartic about sharing your soul with the world. My motto is “Blog like everyone’s blocked you.” And be embarrassed when you realize that people are actually reading this.
  6. Take more photos – Because I do love this. Last year I bought a new camera, but have been too lazy to learn how to use it.
  7. Buy less, un-clutter more – I could probably clothe the entire cast of an independent film just on the clothes that I have in my closet. I need to stop the insanity.Blazers bought last year
  8. Love more – In shop-stinance I tell the tale of falling in love with something everyday. Appreciating the details. I want more of that. This also includes telling all the people I adore just how much they mean to me.
  9. Me time – I love dancing in my living room when no one’s watching, or reading a trilogy in a weekend because I’m OCD and need to finish the story, or singing in the car on the way to work, or laughing really loudly whenever Kevin Hart visits Jimmy Fallon like the below. I’m going to do these things more!
  10. Take more risks – In everything.

I feel like I’m making strong headway in a lot of the items I mentioned above, but I’m flailing on the swim classes and shopping less. Luckily I have 11 more months to make it so.

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