Runner’s Log: Day 13 – Froyo 10K

Tappering means to stopping running completely, right? Wait. I think I might have heard that wrong.

Post my ridiculous “walking” pace of the REI 10K Trail Run I was pretty defeated. It was not a “hills are alive with the sound of music” moment. So what do I always do when I’m defeated? Sign up for the next punishment, obviously!

About a week after the REI race I was doing my normal catching up on Instagram when I see a Sponsored Ad for the Froyo 10k in San Jose. Instagram, aren’t you happy to know that I totally buy into your targeted content ads?

As an aside: I would be ever so happy to pay an In-App fee to be rid of ad results entirely, but then I wouldn’t have discovered this race. So the sponsored ad conundrum is somewhat perplexing!

I digress. Being that I got pulverized in the previous 10K I decided to train furiously for this one. Two weeks prior to the race I decided to run 6 days a week. The schedule actually left me a little burnt out. Thus the following week I ran zero. That’s right, no running happened the week before my 10K. This is my version of tappering.

Thurs night before the run, it was a bit crazy at work so I only managed 4 hours of sleep. Moving into Friday I was exhausted and did my normal paleo dinner, thinking that the next day I’d wake up early and grab a Lara bar before the race.

Day of. Alarm goes off. I slap it and roll over. 4 more slaps and I’m late.


Rush out of the house without snack or a drink of water thinking that the event would have something available. I then arrive to find… there is nothing to be had pre-race. I am going to run this 10K on empty. Hoo-ah.

For once when the race starts I start out steady, sitting behind some other runners who I feel have an even pace. After talking to Steve a couple weeks back he mentioned that taking smaller more consistent steps were the key, right before telling me he found the Kristin Kreuk wallpaper that I designed for him back in college when we were obsessed with Smallville.

Low Res - Cuz College

Low Res – Cuz College

With this etherial vision of Kristin Kreuk in my mind and joyous memories of spending hours making this, I paced on. For once I could see others who started out too fast slip behind, yet I was falling behind those I chose to pace earlier.

Next, I get passed by a runner with a stroller. I’m feeling pretty darned bummed over it until I realize that he has a Team In Training jacket on. Phew. Ok. Truck on JC.

Taking the water in at each break I pretend it’s electrolytes. I hadn’t really studied the course but after mile 3 I realize it’s a double loop. From the Sharks Stadium around the Whole Foods through some residential zones and then down to the museum rounding back to Henry’s Hi-Life – The best darned dive bar BBQ house to go to before a Sharks game, and then the start/finish again.

At mile 4 I’m running low on steam and move to walking a bit more. I’m now racing besides a police woman. She has an even pace and isn’t quitting. Near the last stop for water I grab a cup but I choke it out instead of swallowing. The police lady cheers me on to shrug it off and race to the end. “You can do it, you’re young! Sprint!” I smile.

Sometimes you need that, someone that notices you struggling and gives you encouraging words. It’s like they give you energy. I moved out of my head and into my legs to sprint in to the finish line to get my spoon medal.

At the end I grabbed my mango froyo with toppings a plenty and plopped into the grass to savor sweet sweet calories and it felt good.


Thank you lady cop. I looked around at the end for you, but couldn’t find you to give my thanks again.

Days till Marathon: 117
Mileage: 6.1 miles
Pace: 10.09/mi
Met Along The Way: Encouraging Lady Cop

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