Runner’s Log: Day 3 – New Friends

After meeting the guy yesterday on my run, I figured I might as well try and see if I can run with others at the Sports Basement meetups. Learned via the site that they give rewards for hitting mileage goals, like new socks! They also have snacks and beer at the end of each run. The value of this calls to me, so I decide to attend after work on a Tuesday.

It’s a rainy Tuesday, so I’m hanging around the shop waiting for people to show up but only 2 people arrive. Learnings… people don’t generally run when it’s wet out. I meet Stan and Wubing and we all have our headlamps and are ready to go. Wubing regularly runs with this group so she’s at a quick pace that I’m basically heaving to keep up with. She and Stan run ahead chatting while I can barely think other than… are we there yet?

I’m secretly hoping at every traffic light we approach that it will be a red light, so I don’t have to wimp out and walk, but alas, no such luck today. Almost EVERY single light was green as we pass and my lungs are just crying at me to stop.

Finally I have to ask them to take a breather at 2.5. I look at my Strava and they are pacing far faster than I normally go for more than a mile. Stan and Wubing are kind and encouraging and wait while running in place as I catch my breath.

A good 3 mile loop. Once at the shop, there are no snacks set up. *sigh* Wubing shows me where the water is, and I exclaim “You’re my favorite person.”

Stan has gone to the front to ask about the snacks. We meet up with him and he’s able to procure the usual deliciousness that they offer as he’s well known at this run group having logged something like 1k miles. This is basically when I tell him he’s now my favorite person. Our conversation goes something like this.

Me: Now you’re my favorite person!
Stan: Did you just say…
Me: Oh yeah my favor changes with who offers the best free stuff.
Stan: What if I gave you a dollar? Would I automatically win?
Me: No way. It’s about who has more charisma and influence. Anyone can just give someone a dollar.
Stan: I see. (giving me a weird look).
Wubing: I’ll take that dollar! I’m saving for a house with my boyfriend.

I’ll be back. This was fun, and it’s always nice to meet new people.

Days till Marathon: 219
Mileage: ~3 miles
Pace: 10:02/mi
Met Along The Way: Stan and Wubing

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