Runner’s Log: Day 4 – The Other Value

Ok so I didn’t actually run today. Filip was having his Saint’s Day party, St. John, and being that I haven’t seen him in so long, I decided to skip running for today. It was really nice to see familiar faces again, eat traditional Serbian food and remember never to mix the rakija and champers ever again (Yeah there was an incident three years ago that I am still embarrassed about). Instead I just had a Serbian beer.

Leaving the party early we head back to Nick and Yvo’s since it’s been a while since I’ve seen them as well. Was telling Nick about marathon training and how I’m using Strava on my phone to track my mileage, when he exclaims, “Oh you can have my old Garmin.” In my head again is the usual “Oh no I couldn’t take that from you.” But the promise I made to myself this year is to just say thank you and accept the care that my friends offer me. So on this day I acquired a Garmin. Nick shows me how to use it and tells me that to sync with Strava I’ll need a Garmin account.

I immediately try setting up the account to see… My username is taken! There is another “thevalue” WTF!!!

Very few things annoy me to the core, but when we look up this other “thevalue” I am annoyed to the very core that this guy has bested me in getting my usual username. This is the guy:

So annoyed.

So annoyed.

The very core. I is so annoyed, so very very annoyed. Sadly I had to resort back to my high school username, which of course was available. *sigh*

Days till Marathon: 218
Mileage: 0 miles
Pace: N/A
Met Along The Way: The Other TheValue

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