Runner’s Log: Day 8 – Slow and Steady Like Michael Bolton

Sometimes my inspiration to run comes from the weirdest and most random occurrences.

It’s Friday. Normally I’d be rushing home, but right as I’m packing up my things and about to leave I get a push notification from Ticketmaster announcing the Michael Bolton concert featuring Christopher Cross, not to be confused with Kris Kross who make you Jump Jump.


Suddenly I’m taken to this place:

A place where long waves of flaxen hair adorn Michael Bolton’s head as he croons with longing in his eyes, in front of a fake sunset and blazing fire, as horses gallop and eagles soar. Not to mention his white shirt unbuttoned just so, whereby you can see the start of his treasure trail. Scintillating.

With this I think. Gosh, I need to run. I need to run away from this kind of early 90s imagery. I need to run right now. Thanks Ticketmaster.

Head to the gym and it’s still unusually crowded, but there is one treadmill available. Today inspired by Bolton’s sweet soulfulness I’ve decided to go slow and try to get to some sort of pace combined with distance. With this decision I’ve also concluded to catch up on my Hulu queue. Agent Carter would be the perfect action packed show to watch. I get lost in the show and by the time it’s over I’ve completed 3.3 miles.

Slow and steady I finished my run without feeling winded, nor sore anywhere. Dropped my shoulders down and kept my hands nice and loose. Nice and smooth.

Days till Marathon: 195
Mileage: 3.3 miles
Pace: 14:33/mi
Met Along The Way: Michael Bolton. Ok only in my dreams, but he inspired today’s run.

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