Shop-stinance: Day 1

Day 1: Resolve is great. Feeling good. Told Patricia about my endeavor, she’s cheerful as ever, and super supportive. While I haven’t bought anything yet, I have visited at least 5 fashion online stores today including:

All Saints — In my head, I believe I really want the perfect distressed, yet upscale and unique hoodie. Ever since Shailene Woodley wore one over her blouse as she was leaving the Jimmy Kimmel show, have I desired this comfort of my own. These two lovelies catch my eye.

Left: All Saints Alek Hoody Right: All Saints Miller Hoody

Left: All Saints Alek Hoody
Right: All Saints Miller Hoody

Gilt— I get the emails every morning and as a Gilt Insider you get a certain amount of points for visiting the site each day. I actually didn’t check out fashion today, but there was an outdoor furniture event. I took a peek since my balcony is in dire need of furniture so I can make use of the space this coming summer.

eBay— Currently I have 55 items listed for sale, hence the visit. No impulse to buy anything here though. But I thought I’d list it, since it is a place that you can buy things.

bluefly— I want the most perfect pair of designer black ankle booties. I check this site daily for that and discounted Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. and Mini M.A.B. cross-body bags. Fun Fact: Did you know that M.A.B. stands for Morning After Bag?

H&M— Ugh, why after I just bought something last week do you give a 30% off all purchases promo code. I hate and love you so much.

Did all this and then went to look for a new living room tv at Best Buy. Really wanted a Panasonic plasma, but now that they are extinct, will have to settle for a 4k Samsung version. TV shopping doesn’t count as a non-essential right? Patricia only said I shouldn’t buy any unneeded fashion wants. Or that’s what I thought she said? 😀

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