Shop-stinance: Day 10

Day 10: 1/4 of the way through my 40 days. Huzzah! So far, throughout this journey, the only things I’ve seen purchased on my credit card amount to:

  • Gas for the car
  • Eyedrops
  • Food & drink
  • Power, water, home services
  • Plane tickets for an impromptu vacation with Jen and Brian to NYC.

Sidenote: I imagine anyone reading the above list in the style of Wes Anderson. After seeing Grand Budapest Hotel, all lists are read to myself in this fashion.

If it weren’t for the plane tickets I would be saving a lot of money thus far in the 40 days challenge.

After posting the article about experts in the morning yesterday, I swiftly deleted all temptation emails, then had a brief chat with Joshua about Day 9. Our conversation went as the following:

Him: Omg seriously, I love reading this. It’s so exciting.
Him: Don’t ever stop. It’s so fascinating.
Me: Lol.
Him: Seriously, there’s this sense of urgency when I read it.
Him: I’m seriously like AHHH NOOOO!!!
Him: And then I see your list of bought pinned sold etc.
Him: And I’m like “0″ WHEW praise lord.
Me: Lolol. Aw crud forgot to update the photo.
Him: It’s ok! Also — Stay away from Patricia!! LOL
Me: Since she’s the one who temps me most. Hahaha.
Him: Yeah, dat ho!

On chat I can be a person of few words, where most of them are variants of “lol” as evidenced by the above. I chuckled about the above conversation all morning until I could tell Patricia about it. Her response?

Patricia: If I’m a ho, I’d want to be a tastemaker ho. Lol.

I love my friends. They always make me laugh, intentional or not. Now with this project they send me encouraging messages throughout the day, and stern warnings to ward me off the siren of shopping that is Patricia. 😀

For lunch I met up with Emily (@thestylishgeek). We had been meaning to catch up over geekdom and eats for a while now. When she arrives, she quickly orders her food and sits down. Once she’s settled, she reaches into her purse to plop down in front of me [un]possible cuts earrings.

She gave me wings. [un]possible cuts earrings

She gave me wings.
[un]possible cuts earrings

She says something like “You can’t buy anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be gifted things.”

Reached out for them slowly not wanting to show too much eagerness. And I only vaguely remembered what she said within the first 5 mins of receiving them, as an inner monologue had begun wondering if it was rude to rip them out of their backings and put them on immediately.

Mostly at lunch we gabbed over Vietnamnese food about eBay, blogging, and cosplay. Through that conversation Ems helped to reinvigorate interest in working on my personal website again. Shortly after we parted ways I went back to the car and took a moment in solitude to mind hug the earrings, followed up by a stupid laugh, before heading back to work.


  • Mind hug — A hug you give someone or something with only your mind.
  • Stupid laugh — A laugh that bursts out awkwardly, loud and honest when something happens that you’re extremely happy with.

Since it’s garbage hauling time in our neighborhood, as I mentioned in a previous post, I ended up seeing this next to this next to a beautiful field on my way to work in the morning.

Taylor Swift Music Video Director Here I Come

Taylor Swift
Music Video Director
Here I Come

Stopped by on the way home to take this photo. I pass this field on a daily basis, but the combination of the field and an the old wretched upright piano called to me a desire to toss the piano into the field and direct a Taylor Swift music video. I have a lot more time to think about random musings like this, as I’m not glued to the computer looking for things to buy or in an indoors mall, window shopping. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

The rest of yesterday and this morning went by pretty smoothly. I deleted all emails without looking at them and spent almost all my time focused on updating my regular WordPress blog to a new theme and retrofitting all the widgets. Am currently wearing the above mentioned earrings at home even though I don’t plan on going out today.

Special thanks to Ems & Patricia today. Ems you gave me wings. Literally and metaphorically. Patricia sorry for embarrassing you yesterday, you skanky tastemaker ho. Why you gotta be so experts at everything? I love you!

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