Shop-stinance: Day 16

Day 16: Tried sleeping earlier last night, but ended up chatting with Bobby after he saw the Sailormoon Super S brooch that I posed on Day 12. Earlier in the day discovered via Patricia that this item from my childhood was extremely rare, and sprinted to ebay to see that the previously $50 toy is now worth $599. I may or may not have stupid laughed to myself all afternoon, while my officemate gave me inquisitive looks every so often.

Once we finish talking at 12:15am I took a Rainbow Light Magnesium Calcium+ suppliment that my trainer mentioned enhances the quality of sleep. Honestly this week, I’ll try anything to feel more well rested.

Imagine an epic snow capped mountain range and at the base there is an modern styled wooden deck that stretches far off into the horizon. There are cabins placed sparingly about with pointy roofs, but their design is sleek with clean lines. I’m walking with a friend who I know well in this place but for which I have no equivalent in the waking world. He has something to show me behind the houses.

We stroll behind the buildings towards the hills. He laughs and gestures me to sing in the direction of the peaks. I don’t hold back and instinctively I pick “I will always love you,” by Whitney Houston. Soon after I begin singing, I notice the sound reverberating through the mountains layering on a chorus of beautiful sound. My friend smiles knowingly at me. I wake up feeling completely confident and happy. Let me tell you, vitamins and Whitney Houston songs are necessities of a purchasable variety.

Skipped most personal emails this morning as I was feeling particular upbeat and wanted to get to work to catch up on projects. Did notice an ebay alert that another item has been bought that I need to ship out today.

In the afternoon I get a note that I have received a package. In my mind this is peculiar, as I know with absolute certainty that I have ordered nothing in the past 15 days. I chalk it up to my name doppleganger at work having ordered something and it’s probably been redirected to me again.

Discovered my name doppleganger near Halloween two years ago. I received a package which I hadn’t been expecting. Once back to my desk, I open it to see… nipple pasties!

First thought: What kind of sick joke is this to send someone this at work? Second thought: Maybe someone is trying to give hint that my bras are running a little ragged.

I then examined the the box more closely to see her last name is missing a U. Bingo. Go through the corporate directory to see it’s a new hire. Apologies name doppleganger of mine, ran through many scenarios whereby I would return these to you at work, but in my mind they all reek with embarrassing outcomes. I ended up leaving these in the mail area, imagining that they eventually got back to you somehow.

Today when I arrive at the admins desk and receive the item, I look at all the labels on the box to see it is indeed there is a U. Race back to my desk and open the package to see the below, with a “squeeeeeee” of uncontainable delight. Mason jars! With a blink, I give them a brief mind hug before running off to another meeting.

Gifted and not bought ;)

Gifted and not bought 😉

Two days before I saw the genius that is the below creation on the Nomiku Facebook page:

Do this right now!!!! Put condensed milk in the Nom bath at 85C, in 15 hours it will be the silkiest dulce de leche ever.

Immediately send this over to Laurie, my resident sweet tooth and food expert. Our conversation went as the following:

Me: OMG can you see this?
Me: Making dulce de leche today with the Nomiku!
Laurie: Oooooh noms! I love dulce de leche.
Me: I need a jar thing like STAT lol.
Laurie: Those are cute mason jars too.
Laurie: I once did this microwave technique to make the dulce de leche.
Laurie: But it came out kinda dried, I bet Nomiku version is perfect.
Me: Shoot, I can’t make a mason jar. I’ll just need to use a baggie.

I need to do this right now! I need silky deliciousness in my life. I imagine putting the condensed milk in a Ziploc bag and using the Nomiku to sous vide it for 15 hours only to have an unattractive looking smooth delicious dessert that I can only eat by myself. Awkwardly, I would be laying on the couch watching tv while spooning it out of the bag and dribbling it into my mouth like a slob, while wearing a thin white wifebeater (because that’s what slobs look like in my mind). Effffffffffff! ADORABLE MASON JARS I NEED YOU! Eating dulce de leche out of a plastic bag doesn’t appeal to my visually appetizing eats aesthetic.

Thank you Laurie for always being able to read between the lines without having me explaining my manic thought process, and absolutely understanding that to complete a vision, sometimes you need the right tools. ❤

And thanks to Nomiku for giving me delicious things to obsess about while I’m on this shop-stinance. Will be making dulce de leche this weekend 😀

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