Shop-stinance: Day 35

Day 35: The countdown begins! 5 more days. Yeeeeeeee.

Despite the excitement that now reigns through, this morning I woke up with my hair still smelling of lamb. Little Sheep Hot pot be damned if it doesn’t leave you a lingering barn aroma to take home with you, along with the fond memories.

Lately since my shopstinance will be ending soon, I have been gently perusing my usual e-commerce websites again, trying to find that je ne sais pas that will be worthy of satiating this thirst I’ve been suffering from. Should it be coveted Louboutins? Or maybe just a couple picture frames I wanted? Or maybe a new dress?

Honestly nothing seems worthy. I give up, delete the emails and head into work.

After work I promised Eva a week ago we’d do a catch up Asian foods dinner since she doesn’t get much delicious Asian food in Sweden. I end up taking her to Kotetsu Ramen. She mentioned she wanted Ramen instead of Cantonese food, because she already had dim sum for lunch.

Talking to Eva, we gab about work, living abroad, traveling, and what we would do if we were to retire. My mind wanders as we chat. For me retirement would mean being able to take on something like the Amtrak Residency program to help me finish my great American dystopian novel. After all, dystopian young adult novels turned into movies are the new black. I have an outline and about 50 pages written since college, but I have never been able to complete the story.

Recently, I’ve also been reliving a solo train trip I took a couple years ago through Laurie, who just got back from a similar trip with her boyfriend. At that time I had been suffering some serious burn out. To remedy it, I decided to check off something from the bucket list: A train trip in a sleeper car from San Jose to Portland and then Seattle. Train trips are the equivalent to a modern day Hemingway-esque adventure for lost souls, and Amtrak has this great way to partake in this via their Coastal Starlight.

Could a longer trip be the cure from my severe writer’s block?

This week visiting friends and daydreaming has kept me far from thinking anything about shopstinance other than the lingering thought that it’s almost over.

Oh yeah and here’s what I was eating while I dreamt of how The Sun Also Rises while you’re in a train.

Ramen fuels Adventure!

Ramen fuels Adventure!

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