Shop-stinance: Day 37

Day 37: Three little birds sat on my window, and they told me I don’t need to worry.

I thought Friday would be an easy catch up day, but it was anything but. Today’s workday was a minefield where issue after issue came up, my only saving grace was that there was a brief 15 minute massage that turned my arms and shoulders into butter for about 5 minutes after it was done. Simply amazing.

Days like this I just want get sweet sweet stress relief by clicking through to buy something. Instead I break open a pack of Peanut Butter M&Ms and munch to my heart’s content. This whole week I’ve been over committed. I just want a moment where no one has questions, needs or wants anything from me and I can basically sit in the corner seat of my couch, watch television, and ignore the world while wearing a snuggy like outfit.

Imma do me, aight?

When I’m in a funk only certain people know inherently how to “handle” me.

In college I made a very crucial mistake of staying up all night to study for the CS61C midterm. So tired was I, that I passed out on my exam to wake up with only 20 minutes left, which resulted in a failing grade. Later that day, I had already made plans with my lab partner to finish up our computer science project. Mid way through the walk from Southside to Soda Lab, I sat down on the top hill in front of the music building and refused to move for 2 hours. A little past hour 1 it started to rain. My lab partner kindly sat with me in silence drenched for an hour before he was able to coax me back to my apartment.

I learned two lessons that day:

  1. I cannot function properly without sleep, let alone take a test.
  2. How much I appreciate the selfless people that will sit with me in silence and let me have my moment, no matter how long or what the conditions might be.

Despite my crankiness, I was excited to have a catch up dinner with Elizabeth. She knows I’m in a funk, but doesn’t pretend to, or try to hard to relate, instead we have a great conversation. We took turns talking about what’s new and what’s going on, we rant, and we eat lots and lots of meat since we went to Brazilian BBQ joint Fogo de Chao.

After we both tap out of dinner the waiter comes by and offers a dessert menu. Dining with Laurie often enough has taught me how to awaken my inner dessert stomach, so now I generally take a look at the dessert menu even if my belly is bursting.


Dessert stomach — a mental secondary stomach that women have, which allows for the ordering and eating of dessert despite already being full.

The waiter claims that the papaya ice cream dessert is a great digestive and then I’m sold.

Papaya makes the belly go “Oooooh na na na nah!”

Papaya makes the belly go “Oooooh na na na nah!”

After dessert we agree that we’re so obscenely full that we should go our separate ways and immediately jammify. After a brief hug we part ways. As soon as I enter my car, I immediately part ways with the button at the top of my jeans. A night well spent to calm my frazzled nerves.

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