Shop-stinance: Day 40

Day 40: Just a day just an ordinary day, just trying to get by…

I listened to this on repeat all day, replacing the “boy” she mentions with my true lover “shopping,”, for the most part this substitution almost fits perfectly within the lyrics.

While people have conitnued to ask me what my first purchase will be, I’ve decided to spend my time on a more fruitful endeavors. After all why have a “first” purchase when I can have a bulk purchase. Technology makes doing things like this a whole lot easier:

  • Spent the day loading up a mass of saved shopping carts in my favorite online stores.
  • Via Automator I’ve rigged up a method to go through every Safari tab at once and proceed to the “check out” flow so that every purchase finishes at precisely the same time.
  • Did some practice runs with Automator just up to the submission flow, so that I could ensure to account for variations in the form submission process, and credit card entry process.

This methodology allows me to consider one purchase as a whole host of items via one click instead of being limited to a single bulk purchase from a seller/aggregator like Amazon. Sounds elaborate right? Was it worth it? Absolutely, if that was what I really had done. Instead I just fantasized about taking the day off to do this and went to work as usual.

Work goes by as most days do up until the point where Elizabeth came by to visit and ask how my weekend went. Midway through updating me on her house hunting progress I noticed a box under my desk that I had left a couple weeks back that I needed to take home and use for shipping ebay sales. Naturally I pop the box open to see if I had left anything in it to reveal — a mid sized cockroach!

Immediately I toss the box onto the floor, but realize in my panic that I actually tossed the box towards Elizabeth. The box luckily managed to remain closed. Stood up as she opened my office door as I proceeded to kick the box out of the doorway, then attempted to move the box into the recycling bin still using my foot, with not much accuracy until Jonathan hearing our panicked voices came out of his office picked up the box and desposed of the cockroach. Everyday heroes! After which I apologized to Elizabeth and she responded like the classy lady she is with “No problem. It’s not like you hit me in the head with it.”

After that I notice that there are still seats available for a sneak peak at Jon Favreau’s new movie Chef. Ever since seeing the preview when researching movies to potentially watch at the Tribeca Film Festival I have craved seeing this film. Sign up for it immediately and asked Elizabeth to go, after all the best apology for throwing a cockroach at someone is watching a movie about food.

We get there just in time to have Jon introduce the film and disappear behind the curtains, and are ready to feast our eyes on his story. The movie is exactly what was needed for today, funny, heartwarming, and smart, along with a lot of food porn. Afterwards Jon gives one of the best Q&As I’ve seen, with intelligent questions from the audience, and he’s kind enough to take photos with all his famished fans.



I think my favorite part of the talk was when he mentions a scene that happens near the end of the credits that Roy Choi blurts out. I’ll paraphrase, but what I took from it is when you’re a creator whether it be a movie or a cheese sandwich, you want it to be perfect and when you fuck it up the whole world feels like it’s in ruins. What I took out of it is the counter statement to what Roy said. When you spend time doing the things you love, dedicate your care to it and it turns out amazing, that’s the best feeling and even with the the possibility of ruin.

A great way to end the 40 days.

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