The X-Files – The Most Beautiful Thing

Einstein: Not staying for the atta-boys?
Miller: I didn’t really do anything.
Einstein: Oh. Nothing but take down a terror cell ready to kill untold numbers.
Miller: It was all Agent Mulder.
Einstein: That’s not how I understand it. I’m told you kept that boy alive. That you kept him safe from harm.
Miller: I translated a few words. It was all you and Agent Mulder.
Einstein: Remarkably, I did nothing. And remarkably it worked. Although I’m at a loss in explaining it.
Miller: Maybe some things are unexplainable Agent Einstein.
Einstein: The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.
Miller: That’s beautiful Einstein.
Einstein: Yes, Einstein, that’s who said it Miller. The real mystery here is your behavior. Bringing Agent Scully down here without bothering to consult me.
Miller: Remarkably I did nothing. It was you who abandoned me Agent Einstein. For the crazy train.
Einstein: Ah. And never again. Agent Miller. Although something is clear to me now as a result of the experience.
Miller: The value of an open mind.
Einstein: The nature of reality. I’m now convinced that words and ideas do have weight. The weight to move people to do the most psychotic things.

-The X-Files, Season 10, Ep 5 ~ Babylon

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