Those Resolutions Though: Midpoint Edition

The promises you make to yourself are the most important to keep.

Maybe it’s cliché to do a mid year checkin, but I wanted to see where I left off with those resolutions, especially today, for several reasons I’m going to leave unsaid.

Oh also, I’m a project manager by trade, so obviously I need to see if my personal projects are on track with my projected schedule and scope.

So what were they again and how am I doing?

  1. Eat healthier – I’m definitely doing this. Have generally stopped eating food just because it’s free or when I’m bored and have been more discriminating about what I consume. For the most part eating low carb and paleo based meals has helped me feel more energized. Although I still have my cheat days.
  2. Find the next IT – Found it. Completely a fluke, I wasn’t even looking for IT. Through a series of random events I heard of IT, and hearing of its existence drew me in like a siren’s song. THIS IS IT!!! (Totally in all caps in my mind as well). Went after IT, got IT and that was that. I have my IT. *dances*.
  3. Spend more time with friends – Absolutely. Since I’m doing a 100 days project it’s been a complete labor of love to visit friends, be present, catch up and finish this mission. The idea of the project is to pick something and do this for 100 days. For me I chose to combine a portrait with the last text message they sent me just before taking the photo. For the caption I included a brief top of mind story of our relationship. This self assignment pushes me out of my comfort zone in a couple ways:
    • I hate taking pictures of people because well… they move. Arg blurry people!
    • I prefer being self sufficient in all things and have a general distaste in asking for help, but this is something I can’t do in a vacuum.

    There have also been a lot of fun bi-products of this endeavor, which I will post about once I hit 100. Thank you to those who have played along in my reindeer games thus far, and those who will going forward ^_^.

  4. Learn how to swim – Not started. Ugh fail.
  5. Blog more – Actively trying, this here is evidence of that.
  6. Take more photos – Realized I hate my Sony camera. Despite it’s bulkiness, I switched back to a Nikon 7100. With the upcoming trips I’m making a commitment to start shooting more, circa 2009 when I took 17000 photos, and not just the careless whispers with my iPhone. I want to capture “the feels” of the everyday pretty things as I encounter them.
  7. Buy less, un-clutter more – This is hit or miss, I’m getting rid of boxes and selling things, but my input is always greater than my output and trying to begin a 1 for 1 policy is hard.
  8. Love more – I’m good at this, and I’m getting better everyday. I spend an inordinate amount of time showering my friends with attention reaffirming that ‘I love you’ and that they are extremely special to me. Thank you for loving me back, being my cheerleaders when I have doubts, and sharing your life and laughs with me.
  9. Me time – I used to be better at this, but lately because of my 100 days picture quest and being in a general funk, I haven’t been doing a good job. It’s time to get back into the groove here.
  10. Take more risks in everything – Yes. Check. But this year isn’t over yet, there is more to come.

Overall, my resolutions project plan is green. I’m ahead of schedule. And it feels remarkably good for once to keep the promises I make to myself.

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