You Play Piano?

Me: I’ve been listening to Bieber on repeat since you mentioned it.
Yvo: Some of the songs are so good!
Me: Yeah!!! I love ‘Love Yourself’
Yvo: Haha yea
Me: It makes me want to buy an electric guitar, to play it and sing along. Hahaha.
Yvo: Do it! Do you already play?
Me: Hahaha I’m super poverties. Nope, lol. Only piano.
Yvo: What? I didn’t know that!
Me: Piano? You’ve seen the huge grand piano at my parent’s house right? Lol.
Yvo: Yes! But I’ve never seen you play!
Me: Also apparently I have a brother.
Yvo: Yea I still forget that sometimes. OMG you have to play next time

The things your good friends never realize about you. But of course I play piano, I’m the daughter of a tiger mom who was also a piano teacher during her college life.

In high school:

  1. I took/passed all AP courses where available, Physics was my fav.
  2. Maintained above a 4.0 average.
  3. Played on the varsity tennis team since sophomore year.
  4. Participated in in the NorCal juniors tennis league just short of being ranked.
  5. Was president of our CSF club senior year.
  6. Coordinated a tutoring program.
  7. Worked as a barista at a Starbucks on the weekends, I still can make a mean latte, even if I don’t drink coffee that often.
  8. Played 5 years of piano.

And then here we are now talking about Bieber’s new album. Lol.

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