Roughly 34 weeks ago I started #100DaysofPeopleandTexts. It’s an Instagram project where I would take a portrait of someone and overlay it with the last message that they sent me.

How It All Started

Usually when I’m infected with the plague, I’m that asshole that continues to go to work, to make sure I don’t get behind. After seeing my patheticness, my boss sent me home for a couple days to rest up. While going through tissue box after tissue box, making tea and napping, I felt anxious and trapped.

Whining to Patricia and Alex, they volunteered to take me out to lunch and go for a hike. Even though most of the time I made snot wontons out of their travel tissue packs, it was fun. They saved me that weekend with their care, combined with a side of burgers and laughs.

This lead me to thinking about what gets me out of a funk. Not to say that this will help all people, because getting out of a funk is unique to each individual, but for me it’s the small and yet wonderful conversations that you get to share with strangers, acquaintances, coworkers and friends on a daily basis where you learn something new and that makes every bad day seem better. I read some self help article recently that said that you shouldn’t bottle up happy moments for rainy days, but after completing this project I think that opinion is stupid. Right around this time I saw the idea for this on Amanda Crew’s Instagram and I thought that this would be the perfect project to capture this feeling.

Going Through The Motions

100 Days of People and Texts is my bottle of joy for this period of time. When I look back on all the moments I relive all the incredible conversations I’ve had, and I’m thrilled to have captured them, because even now it saddens me that without the project I’m already forgetting all the details.

This project wasn’t easy. Sometimes felt like a huge drag to complete since 100 days is a long time and I really don’t like taking photos of people, because they move, and you have to constantly ask people to participate. It’s far easier to do a project that only involves the effort you put in. 100 Days of People and Texts is teamwork, kindness and conversations at it’s best.

While doing this project I also realized how many of our text conversations are just about coordination and meeting up, so later on I tried to exclude those kind of texts from the project, as it would get quite monotonous and boring to have everything be “See you soon,” or “Meet you there.”

No, You’re The Best

Thanks to everyone who partook in my endeavor, for allowing me share a slice of our conversations, how you’ve impacted my life, and letting me take a portrait even when some where vehemently against having their picture taken. Here are my 100 photos of people and texts.

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