American Socialite Halloween Edition

Halloween used to be my jam. I’d rock out to composing cupcakes for my team at work complete with spider rings crawling and sour worms oozing from chocolate “dirt” cupcakes. Time was also spent building a costume that was as authentic as I could get to attend a yearly Halloween party, a la that year I was Lara Croft complete with a long wig ponytail.

Now Halloween comes and goes and older and more cynical me puts as much effort into it as making sure my lights are turned off so that no one rings the doorbell to ask for candy (I jest, honestly I was out dinner this year and thereby wasn’t home when children came a knocking). This year however, I decided that I could put the smallest amount of effort into it and have that count for my costume. I would channel my inner American socialite and dress up as fashion icon Olivia Palermo also called affectionately “OP” by her gorgeous model husband Johannes Huebl.

Decided on this casual dog walking appropriate costume:

My inner American Socialite

My inner American Socialite. Complete with no smile.

Super happy with how easy this was and I can now claim that I am inching into festivities again. You too can be an American socialite on Halloween on any other ordinary day.

Complete outfit details below:
Goodnight Macaroon’s Mock Layer Grey Side Slit Crewneck Red Plaid Shirttail Sweater
AG Jeans The Legging Ankle 11 Years Swap Meet
Nike Free 5.0

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