Share Something – Day 0 of 30: Challenge Accepted

After Shop-stinance and the mental (and lack of physical) training for running a half marathon I needed a new challenge.

It had to be something that gives me a spring in my step, makes every day worth getting up and typing about, but also low effort.

Settled on 30 days as my duration and asked Laurie if she would participate with me to keep me honest, then we were off to the races with brainstorming. Here’s what we came up with:

  • 30 days of cooking – Yikes this would be hard
  • 30 days of not doing something TBD – Abstaining from something seems easier than doing something, doesn’t it? *cough* Shop-stinance
  • 30 novels for 30 days – I imagined our eyes bleeding and insomniac tendencies to complete this task

Finally I burst out with, “Let’s share links to articles for 30 days”. It’s low effort, we could discuss each of our articles and get insight to what each other finds interesting and will expand our reading patterns on a daily basis. Being that I’ve virtually turned my Facebook feed into a non-social RSS feed via my likes and hides, I tend to read a lot of brief articles every morning before work and could easily work this into my routine.

What I like about this challenge is that in our daily lives we’re constantly processing information, whether it be via social media, radio, podcasts, books, word of mouth, etc. There’s so much information that we absorb that we don’t think to share out into the world as something we like on Facebook or Twitter that says something about who we are as individuals and not just the online persona that we’ve created. Also I always like learning more about my friends and what they are interested in, because it’s a great alternative avenue for discovery of interesting topics by someone I’m already aligned with.

Sadly here are some of the things I read about yesterday:

I’m almost afraid to admit what the above says about me, but let’s follow the rabbit hole and see where this goes.

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