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Epsom Salt Decanter

Have finally come to the realization that I spend much of my free time looking for the next randomly specific thing that I desire to call my own. That being said, have decided that the perfect new hobby would be the antithesis to an abstinence from shopping. My new pursuit is to purchase everything I need to make myself whole. I will now document via a series of posts ad infinitum where I “BUY ALL THE THINGS”. Isn’t that a great idea?

Ok no, to be honest with myself what I mention above is a terrible new challenge because I will end up being homeless and in debt. Nevertheless BUY ALL THE THINGS will be a series based on everything I’m currently coveting.

Over the weekend I decided that I would pick up the habit of taking epsom salt baths. Instead of a shower, which on average wastes 25 gallons of water a bath and a quick wash off will ultimately save more water than what I normally expend as well as having soothing and health rejuvenating properties. My one problem is… epsom salts come in a hideous bag.

Dr Teals Epsom Salt

Immediately I decide want some kind of container that can afford a scoop which will make things easier, but everything I find doesn’t fit the purpose of efficiently adding 2 cups of salts to every bath. I need something that can contain a mass quantity, easy to use repeatedly, will keep dust out and is gorgeous. End up settling on a hard liquor decanter and completed filling it up after work today.

Epsom Salt Decanter

After seeing Taylor Swift’s simply amazing Halloween pegacorn outfit, re-enforcing my firm belief that she is an all-around creative genius, I had been questing for an outfit of my own just for those days that I want to sit back on the couch, drink beer while watching Netflix or Hulu and feel extra special. For those who missed this epic “nightmare” as TSwift calls herself while sporting a perfectly coiffed bob, here’s what I’m talking about:

Cause, darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a PEGACORN. #HappyHalloween!

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

After consulting Google I realize that becoming a stylish pegacorn isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. Many ugly costumes later, I’m convinced that the only way to truly get the pegacorn spirit without breaking into Cosplay is via the slightly less form fitting but equally anime cute Kigurumi pajama outfits. Unlike the fury culture, which I think is creepy, these are comfortable pjays which are the cute Japanese equivalent to the Snuggie.

Since I only really need this for couch surfing, I decide on this:

There are 2 other colors, light blue and pink, but as always I decide that gold is best. Far less classy, but serves the purpose. Pegacorn success!

Next on the agenda was trying to find a well designed pill case. I have been trying to do a better job about taking vitamins and probiotics, but everything I end up looking at is disgustingly functional and not aesthetically pleasing. I’m convinced by having a well designed pill case it will cause me to make it part of my daily routine rather than an afterthought. Currently I have this monstrosity from The Vitamin Shoppe:

My main criteria, in addition to the necessity for it look fabulous, is that it must have 7 days a week, because let’s face it I’m getting old and I’m starting to forget which days I take my very sophisticated gummy multi-vitamins The 7 compartments requirement also maximizes efficiency by allowing me to set everything up on one day instead of making the reload effort an everyday activity. Thirdly it should be large enough to fit 3-5 pills. Again consulting my ultimate shopping collaborator Google and find that “designer pill case” comes up with hideous finds like this…

Vera Bradley Pillcase

Dear Vera Bradley, More patterns != Better. Just, no.

before landing on lovelies like these from Henri Bendel:

Henri Bendel PillcaseHenri Bendel Pillcase

The above which is gorgeous, but doesn’t serve the purpose I need. Another contemporary pill case which also didn’t solve my criteria, but is beautiful was this one from Georg Jensen, a Danish designer.

Georg Jensen Pillcase

Finally I find it and the quest is complete. The Sabi Folio. It’s beautifully simple and comes in 2 different sizes. Do I wish it had the texture and fine detailing of the Henri Bendel case? Sure. But the form, function and lines of the Sabi Folio design reminds me a moleskin and makes me want to put my Vitamin Shoppe awfulness into the trash immediately.

My night ends with revisiting Pinterest and reaffirming my lust for items once coveted. Before Pinterest, I saved thousands of dollars by forgetting the passions of desire through short-term memory loss, and only items that made it to my long-term desires were purchased. Now my board keeps track of what my mind cannot, it captures for me the wheres and whens of love at first site. Scrolling through my previous pins like I normally do, something wonderful occurs when my eyes lock with this dress:

Line & Dot Uma Dress

Two lines from Jewel’s 1996 debut album serenade me in a magical way, convincing me to put in an order.

You were meant for me
And I was meant for you.

Ok Jewel I saw the sign, order placed, closed the browser tab for Pinteresting. That’s enough shopping *cough* research for today. #batt


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