Daredevil – Close Enough

Frank: I’m sorry you were saying.
Karen: He’s the kind of man who hurts people. Not like you, but he damages them. Breaks them.
Frank: Sorry, is that supposed to mean something?
Karen: So those are the people who you get out of your life.
Frank: Is that right? Look I might generally be considered out of my skull. This might not mean much, but this might be the craziest, most batshit thing I’ve ever heard in my life. People that can hurt you, that can really hurt you, are the ones that are close enough to do it. People that get inside you and tear you apart, and make you feel like you’re never going to recover. Shit. I… I would chop my arm off right here in this restaurant, just to feel that one more time from my wife. My old lady, she didn’t just break my heart, she she’d rip it out, tear it apart, step on that shit, feed it to a dog. She was ruthless. She brought the pain. But she’ll never hurt me again. You see, I’ll never feel that. You sit here and you’re all confused about this thing, but you have it. You have everything. So hold onto it. Use two hands and never let go. You got it?

-Daredevil, Season 2, Ep. 11 ~ .380

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