Moments: Everything’s NBD #Selfie

Me: Oooh you’re on Instagram
Me: How are you doing?!?!
C: Got delayed cuz no beds lol. So they changed from 7pm to 11pm. Headed in now.
Me: Oh noes
C: I’m sure I’ll be idling on my phone all night during lady part priming. Inducing won’t be till tomorrow.
Me: I thought you were done and you know, back online like nbd. Lol.
C: Hahahahahahahahahahah. I wish! That’d be awesome.
Me: “Had baby. Back on Instagram liking photos. Nbd.”
C: Hahaha laughing out loud for real
Me: Captioned with gorgeous lashes photos
C: Selfie! Hashtag newborn lol
Me: Hahahahaha “Baby photobombed my pregnancy hospital photo. I guess it’s ok…” Lol “Cuz baby”

Congrats love on your beautiful baby boy. I can’t wait to meet him.

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