Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – Contender

Rory: I could have been a contender.
Jess: You’re still a contender.
Rory: Oh yeah? I’m broke. Busted. Beggared. I have no apartment, no car. Hell, my license expired 3 months ago.
Jess: Get out of here.
Rory: Everything I own is in boxes, scattered around three different states. I have no job. I have no credit. I have no underwear.
Jess: What?
Rory: I can’t find that box.
Jess: So just buy some new ones.
Rory: Are you listening man? I’m broke.
Jess: I’ll lend you the money.
Rory: This isn’t about you lending me money to buy underwear. This is about my life. People come up and smell me.
Jess: And what are they smelling?
Rory: Failure. Headmaster Charleston told me to go get my Masters so I could come back and teach at Chilton. He could smell it. I went and interviewed at a website that I hate. They passed. They can smell it.
Jess: No one’s smelling anything.
Rory: Maybe Paris would let me be one of her surrogates. She’s always liked my teeth.
Jess: Slow down.
Rory: I’m probably too late for that. I’ve aged out.
Jess: Stop. This is a rut. This is temporary.
Rory: Or not.
Jess: You’re a writer. Ruts are normal.
Rory: My friend Doyle is a Hollywood writer now. He’s always telling me to write a specs script.
Jess: You’re not writing a specs script.
Rory: He gave me a copy of The mysteries of Laura. Is that a show?
Jess: You need to find something to write, that you’re passionate about.
Rory: What is that foreign concept you speak of. Passion, is that really even a thing?
Jess: You need to find that thing that makes you feel, so that your readers feel it. What makes you feel?
Rory: Did I tell you I lost my wallet?
Jess: You should write a book.

-Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Season 1, Ep 3 ~ Summer

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